Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You will forget this

Ask anyone around the room you are in right now what the chemical symbol for Calcium is? or what does pi r squared mean? There will be a few confused looks followed by a smile, because they know that at one time or another they were presented with the answers to these questions.
The thing about effective learning is to ignite a thirst for the information. Information that you can relate to during a time of need for that information and then remind yourself of its relativity in the future- turning it into knowledge

Ask for a story before you try and teach someone something.

just to reiterate

Brands are loving it, but is the audience reciprocating?
Are they networking or observing? Either way it is a form of Sociology. Furthermore it’s an adoption of modern technology to observe, participate and interact in a purely man made environment.The ‘status updates’ and ‘tweets’ (to name a couple) that we read about are no longer relevant by the time we read them. Moods change, thoughts expire in just over a few seconds and people are now onto the next topic- But we need take part because everyone else is taking part.
We are actually very emotionally involved in our day to day online social networking and therefore the advertising surrounding it has little relevance to us.It’s the high speed online emotional evolution and what does this mean for brands?
It means be relevant, be as relevant as you possibly can-Encourage your Marketing to meet with the minds, not with the eyes

Thursday, September 3, 2009


An opportunity is an operation on your life.